Parents win a victory over pediatricians

Parents win a victory over pediatricians

Before you start feeling hopeless, I do have some good news for you this month: Mothers are becoming increasingly suspicious of pediatricians and their motives. It has apparently dawned on them that the “baby doctor” always seems to be aligned with the state. He advocates gun control laws that would remove home protection from the family and require them to rely on a police department that is usually unable to respond in time because of the skyrocketing crime in the community. He almost certainly approves of and promotes fluoridation. And he’s probably guilty of overprescribing antibiotics, which has subsequently led these drugs to be ineffective when they actually are necessary. But the straw that seems to have broken the proverbial camel’s back is the immunization issue.

Parents have become more sophisticated as to the possible dangers of the shots. Even pediatricians admit that parental resistance to vaccinating their children is increasing. One study found that 93 percent of pediatricians reported at least one parent had refused a vaccine for their child in 2003. And 69 percent of the physicians said that the number of concerns from parents had increased significantly over the past year.

But the pediatricians seem to be more emotional about it than the parents. Many require the parent to sign an “against medical advice” form, and others will tell them to get another doctor if they refuse the shots for their children.

This sounds like great progress-and it is. But the parents may not realize what dangerous waters they’re treading in. Doctors have tremendous power through the state, and, unfortunately, parents have little freedom to make decisions that doctors feel are exclusively theirs to decide.

If you sign his “against medical advice” form, there’s a possibility that he will report you to the state social services people, and you could get a knock at your door the same day. Armed with a policeman and a warrant, they could very well take your children away, right then and there, and you will be charged with child abuse.

Actions to take:

(1) Go ahead and refuse the shot but also refuse to sign the “against medical advice” form.

(2) Check to see if your state has a law protecting you and your children from reprisals by the pediatrician and the state for refusing immunizations. A surprising number have this law in place. Texas has just passed such legislation, raising the ire of-guess who? The pediatricians. The Vaccine Information Center ( is an excellent source for continual information on this deadly battle between doctors and responsible parents.


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