Letters: So much for parental consent

So much for parental consent

“I took my son to the dentist to have his teeth cleaned, and, as usual, I stayed with him during the cleaning. If you hadn’t made me so aware of fluoride and dentists’ dedication to it, I would not have asked her what she was doing when she started putting something on his teeth after she had cleaned things off of them. (Though there wasn’t much to clean in the first place.)

‘It’s just a little fluoride topical. It gives him added protection from cavities,’ she explained. I bounced off the ceiling, so to speak. I told her to take it off immediately and that I didn’t authorize that. Can you believe it? With all the controversy on the issue and they are using it without telling the parents?”

–T.D., Savannah, GA

WCD: Yes, I can believe it. With all the research on fluoride, you wouldn’t think it possible that the dentists could be so abysmally ignorant on the subject of fluoride toxicity. But I have had patients tell me that even after telling the dentist not to paint the teeth with fluoride, he did it anyway. It’s almost as if they are bewitched on the subject.

In spite of their dedication to a quack remedy, I still think that most dentists are sincere and really believe they are protecting your children from your ignorance and fanaticism. It’s pretty scary, though, to realize that a scientific professional group has been so manipulated in dental school that they have no idea that there really is something to the fluoride toxicity argument.

Dr. Ted Spence (a renegade dentist as irreverent as I am), thinks that most dental cavities are caused by vitamin D deficiency. He says: “My anti-caries program is simple-no fluoride, no sugar, but lots of butter, cod liver oil, dairy, and vitamin D rich foods. It works wonders.”