How you can avoid the 3 biggest heart surgery hoaxes

How you can avoid the 3 biggest heart surgery hoaxes

It turns out that all the heart surgeries we’re so fond of in this country-bypass, angioplasty, and stents-may just be a dramatic demonstration of the placebo effect. New research shows that these techniques aren’t actually doing anything to stop heart attacks. You see, we’re so concerned with “opening” or re-routing all those blocked arteries that no one noticed that the blockages aren’t actually responsible for heart attacks.

According to The New York Times article I read, “most heart attacks do not occur because an artery is narrowed by plaque. Instead [the researchers] say, heart attacks occur when an area of plaque bursts, a clot forms over the area and blood flow is abruptly blocked. In 75 to 80 percent of cases, the plaque that erupts was not obstructing an artery and would not be stented or bypassed. The dangerous plaque is soft and fragile, produces no symptoms and would not be seen as an obstruction to blood flow.”

So there goes the idea that “artery-clogging” cholesterol is the great enemy of the heart. Or at least you’d think so, right? Not so fast...

Bad habits die hard

Medical professionals are starting, albeit reluctantly, to admit that they might have been wrong about the whole clogged artery thing. The Times said “heart experts say they understand why the disconnect occurred: They, too, at first found it hard to believe what research was telling them. For years, they were wedded to the wrong model of heart disease.”

But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re doing anything to mend the error of their ways. “‘There is just this embedded belief that fixing an artery is a good thing,’ said Dr. Eric Topol, an interventional cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio...” And, according to the same Times article “some doctors still adhere to the old model. Others say that they know it no longer holds but that they sometimes end up opening blocked arteries anyway, even when patients have no symptoms.”

Old habits die hard, I guess. And the idea of missing out on all those nice, fat heart-surgery paychecks is less than appealing to most cardiologists. Another doctor interviewed by The Times, Dr. David Hillen, commented “If you’re an invasive cardiologist and Joe Smith, the local internist, is sending you patients, and if you tell them they don’t need the procedure, pretty soon Joe Smith doesn’t send patients anymore. Sometimes you can talk yourself into doing it even though in your heart of hearts you don’t think it’s right.”

If that’s not an outright admission of the extant corruption going on in the cardiology industry-and this report is proof positive that it is, without a doubt, an industry-I don’t know what is. Except maybe the proposed “solution” to the problem, as suggested numerous times in the New York Times article: aggressive use of cholesterol lowering drugs and diets. “Recent and continuing studies show that a more powerful way to prevent heart attacks in patients at high risk is to adhere rigorously to what can seem like boring old advice-giving up smoking, for example, and taking drugs to get blood pressure under control, drive cholesterol levels down and prevent blood clotting.”

Forget boring-this recycled advice is just plain wrong, not to mention just as bad as, if not worse than the old Roto-Rooter standby. And notice they had to get a jab in there about smoking, even though that has nothing to do with any of it.

Actions to take:

The truth is, these findings emphasize what many of us have been saying for years-the proper way to address concerns of arterial heart disease is not surgical. Other options include, well, let’s see:

(1) Control of very high blood pressure with proper diet (not drugs) that eliminates sugar, starch, and overcooked and processed food.

(2) Moderate exercise (not training as if you were going into the Olympics)

(3) UV blood irradiation (photoluminescence)

(4) Chelation therapy

(5) There are also a wide variety of nutrients that can help support healthy heart function, including arjuna, betaine, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, and lutein, which I’ve written about in the past. These and others are now widely available. I’ve put many of them together in a formulation called Ultimate Heart Support, available through Real Advantage Nutrients. For more information or to order, you can visit the website at or call (800)723-7318 and ask for order code HEARTRA.

(6) And I also suggest throwing in a moderate amount of alcohol daily along with two or three high-quality cigars. This will not cause you to live forever, but you will live happier and probably even longer–barring any government attempts to outlaw it.


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