Letters: The anti-allergy diet for dogs

The anti-allergy diet for dogs

“I know you are not a vet, but since you’ve covered pet concerns in the past few issues, I wondered if you had any advice for a dog who seems to be allergic to everything, including eggs. We have spent a great deal of money on allergy testing and experimenting. She is now on cooked fish and potatoes and doing fairly well. But is there something better?”

–R. T., Boston, MA

WCD: Obviously, you have had it tough. And your poor dog has had it even tougher. In my opinion, your dog should never have been put on cooked food. You almost certainly started your baby on kibble, probably on the recommendation of your well-meaning vet. This is probably what started the unfortunate chain of events that led to her allergies. I think the diet that my dog, Silky, eats would work for your dog too.

The diet consists of two daily servings of raw chicken liver, raw chicken necks, and one raw egg mixed in, including the shell. That’s it, except for a nice raw bone twice weekly.

I know you said your dog is allergic to eggs, but that’s probably because she’s never even had a raw one. She may not like the raw diet at first because she has been raised on cooked food. I suggest you introduce it a little at a time and see what happens.