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Get all the vegetables you need in a juicy steak and a glass of milk

Cows aren't very smart, but, when given a chance, they eat better than most Americans. Now, I'm not trying to turn you into a grass-eating vegetarian, but I do have an important point to make.

Apparently, green grass contains 23 times as much vitamin A as carrots, 22 times as much vitamin B2 as lettuce, and 14 times more vitamin C than citrus fruits. One article I read stated that "about five pounds of dried, tender grass would supply enough vitamins to last a man an entire year." That means America's golf courses grow enough of the stuff to supply a large proportion of our nutrient needs.

Maybe you would like grass, and maybe you wouldn't. But you don't actually have to eat grass; all you have to do is follow the trail that Father Nature has provided for you.

Milk and beef from cows fed green grass have been converted from the near-perfect vegetable to a palatable form for man and other beasts as well. In fact, green-grass milk is the second-best perfect food (raw eggs are first).

Now, the bad news: Most commercial milk and beef don't contain any of the benefits of green grass because, these days, cows used for dairy and beef production rarely see, let alone taste, green grass.

Living longer in spite of ourselves

At the beginning of the last century, life was simple and so was the food that people ate. You bought lard wrapped in wax paper ("Lard? What's lard?") and drank milk that came with a cream layer ("Cream layer? What is that?"). Soybeans were essentially unknown, and a "soy burger" would have sounded like a bad joke. Coca Cola had not replaced milk as the national drink, and a nice steak or pot roast was considered good for you.

But today about 20 percent of the average American diet comes from soybeans and soybean oil. This is the most momentous change in the dietary history of man (and woman). Yearly per capita consumption of soybean oil is now around 25 pounds per person. A hundred years ago, it was only a small fraction of a single pound per year. This increase represents a 1,000-fold jump in omega-6 fatty acid consumption. This means you're getting massive amounts of omega-6 oils rather than the omega-3 oils from traditional foods. Unfortunately, it should be the other way around. And in many cases, cows are being fed the same diet as us--so even if you are still drinking milk and eating beef, you're being doubly assaulted with the soy/omega-6 blitz.

In fact, grain-fed beef can have more than 20 times as much omega-6 fatty acid content as omega-3.

The conclusion one can draw, although speculative, is that the corruption of our cows has led to a corruption of our health, thanks to the omega-3 fatty acid deficiency it's created.

That's why the kibble the junk-food industry is feeding you is ruining your health. Yes, we are living longer in spite of our bad diet. But all it seems to mean is that we're around longer to collect more degenerative diseases. Diabetes, cancer, and senile brain deterioration are all increasing, not decreasing.

Actions to take:

(1) Take four cod liver oil capsules daily for your omega-3.

(2) If you live within 30 minutes of a rural area, you should be able to find a farmer with a cow or two. If he feeds them on grass and will sell you some of the milk on a regular basis, you will have made a very lucky strike.

(3) And here is something any American who cares about the health of the nation should support: It's the Natural Dairy Products Corp (NDPC). This is the organization fighting for natural-grass milk. To learn more about the NDPC, call (610)268-6962 or visit their website, called Natural by Nature, at

(4) As for beef, there are a few companies in the US that raise organic, grass-fed beef and will ship their products across country. Here are a few to start with:

Grassland Beef American Grass-Fed Beef
RR1, Box 20 HC4, Box 253
Monticello, MO 63457 Doniphan, MO 63935
Ph. (877)383-0051, Ph. (866)255-5002
Fax (573)767-8337 Fax (573)996-3719

Diamond Organics
Highway 1
Moss Landing CA 95039
Ph. (888)674-2642
Fax (888)888-6777


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