Letters: Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing

Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing

This letter, from a long-time friend and patient, is full of the wisdom-gained-from-experience that we all (hopefully) collect through life. Despite a lifetime of indoctrination by her mainstream doctors on “better living through pharmaceuticals,” she finally decided to take me seriously, come clean on her diet, and wean herself off the killer blood pressure drug she was taking. The letter speaks for itself. I suggest you read it–twice.


“Dear Bill:

I have meant to write you some time ago to express my appreciation for the article you wrote on high blood pressure. That rundown on the hazards of high blood pressure medications alone was worth the price of a subscription to RHB. I especially like that tag end of your article about “doing nothing” because that’s what I am doing.

I weaned myself off MAVIK, cut out the carbs, lost 10 lbs. and had my blood checked for allergies. And I discarded my blood pressure/pulse gadget.

I also went for a stay at a heart clinic in California. They ran a lot of tests to eliminate the possibilities for the cause of the high blood pressure problems–and they all came back negative. However, the allergy test results only arrived long after I was back home. They indicted egg whites among several other foods, as being “highly allergenic” for me. Guess what they were feeding us at the clinic? Those dopey “Egg Beaters.” And yes I had a severe BP “spike” in the middle of breakfast one morning. The tests also showed I was highly allergic to beans. And beans in every shape and form were being served in place of red meat for breakfast lunch and supper.

They did treat me with acupuncture (which I see you recommend too), and it brought the pressure down about 20 points. My doctor said that my condition was a classic example of the mechanics of high BP “spikes.” An allergic reaction triggers a feeling that causes me to have a panic attack, which raises my BP and really does me in. But occasional high BP “spikes” do not a “hypertensive” make.

I am doing very well in the 2 1/2 months since coming home from California. My arteries are normal and my blood is “running freely.” I am conscious of allergic reactions to foods now but I don’t panic as I had been doing. What a difference!

I passed on your article to my husband’s business partner. He thinks medication will solve his high BP problems. I hope your article “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About BP Drugs and How to Avoid Them” disillusions him.

Thank you again.

–S.C., via e-mail