The fluoride/lead connection that could be poisoning the children in your life

The fluoride/lead connection that
could be poisoning the children in your life

I am convinced (without proof, because no one has the guts or the research money to test it) that chronic fluoride intoxication plays a great part in our crime problem, the increase in degenerative diseases (cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and arthritis), brittle bones, and pineal gland calcification. In other words, fluoride poisoning plays a role, in my opinion, in practically every disease that we see. Fluoride is an enzyme inhibitor, and that means not one single cell in your body escapes its toxic effects.

But the original form of this toxic waste in our drinking water, sodium fluoride, has been largely displaced by a more complex molecule known as sodium silicofluoride. To this day silicofluorides have never been subjected to appropriate animal or human testing. Is it more toxic? Less toxic? The same?

Dr. Roger D. Masters, research professor emeritus at Dartmouth College, and president of the Foundation for Neuroscience & Society, has uncovered a surprising and shocking relationship between silicofluoride ingestion and lead toxicity. Where silicofluorides are used, children absorb more lead from the environment, and there are higher rates of diseases and behavioral problems associated with lead poisoning–including hyperactivity, substance abuse, and violent crime.

More fluoride always equals more lead

Masters and his group of researchers compared children’s blood-lead levels in communities using fluoride-treated water with communities using non-fluoridated water. In three separate samples, totaling over 400,000 children, fluoride-treated municipal water was always significantly associated with increased blood lead levels in children. This is chronic lead poisoning, which can lead to insanity (in other words, crime) and a myriad of other terrible diseases.

The researchers concluded: “In each case, those exposed to [fluoride] treated water were more likely to have behavioral or health problems that are more likely among those with high lead in their bodies.”

It is unclear, from this report, where sodium fluoride fits into the picture. The implication is, as I see it, that sodium fluoride is “better” than silicofluoride, but the authors do not state their own opinions outright. I’m certainly not suggesting a “Back to Sodium Fluoride” movement. Fluoride in any form must be eliminated as soon as possible by all legal means.

Actions to take:

(1) Invest in a quality filtration system that will remove fluoride from your life. Have the filter installed where the water enters the house (not just at the kitchen faucet).

(2) When you’re not at home, drink only fluoride-free bottled water.

(3) Pass this report on to your friends and urge them to follow your lead in avoiding this toxic waste altogether.


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