Health Notes 2

Thinking about voting for a vegan? Think again 

“Congressman Dennis Kucinich is one of the few vegans (pure fruit-vegetable eater) in the U.S. Congress,” according to his official campaign website. Which means he’s a pinko-socialist, world-hugging moron–and proud of it apparently, judging from the self-promotion on his own Internet site.

But just to make sure I had not found that rarest of breeds–an intelligent, scientifically sophisticated, and politically astute person who understands what a representative republic is and who just happens to be a vegan–I studied his voting record. Well, no surprise; Dennis is as far to the left as you can get– Marxist to the core.

Dennis’ goal in life is to become president of the U.S.A. Scary for us, considering that Prevention magazine recently reported that the majority of vegetarians–a whopping 68 percent, to be exact–have vitamin B12 levels low enough to cause attention, mood, and thinking problems.

Of course, considering the similar mental status of the American voting class, Kucinich probably has a pretty good shot.


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“Natural” doesn’t always mean safe–even for dog food 

Last month, I told you the pathetic story of doughy dogs and corpulent cats. If you are new to these pages, just let me say that turning our dogs and cats into vegetarians, which has led to pets as fat as their masters, is one of the great nutritional con jobs of the century, compliments of your vet and the pet food industry (with PETCO leading the vegetarian vigilantes–see my diatribe about them on page 1).

And recent news reveals the irony of this spectacle. If you have ever watched dogs in their natural state–that is, free of canned or dried dog “food,” you know they will eat practically anything that walks, crawls, slithers or flies–dead or alive. I could get down and dirty here but suffice it to say that they can eat the filthiest stuff with impunity: God is a dog lover, no doubt about it.

But in spite of dogs’ built-in resistance to food-induced illness, a pet food company in Texas has managed to make a pet food so bad that it has caused an epidemic of liver failure, killing at least six dogs. The product, “Go! Natural,” is produced by the Canadian company, Petcurean Pet Nutrition.

It looks as if the word “natural” has lost all meaning–in terms of pet and human nutrition–except when you say that a product is probably not natural.

But there are ways around this, starting with looking at all those products boasting “all-natural” on their labels with a healthy dose of skepticism.

REAL natural foods–meat from the butcher’s shop and fruits and vegetables from your local farmers’ market–don’t even come with a label. Stick with those for you and your pet, and you’ll both be better off for it.


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