Letters: The best prostate-health advice: Stay away from the urologist

Letters: The best prostate-health advice: Stay away from the urologist

“I have enjoyed your newsletter and pithy comments in the Daily Dose for a few years. I am 67 years old, divorced and am enjoying life, and sex, with few health problems. But I’m reluctant to undergo ultrasound and biopsy as recommended by the VA urologist.

I really would prefer to wait and monitor PSA’s if that is not a dumb approach? My PSA has gone from 4.5 to 4.0, to 4.1, to 5, to 4.7, to 6 over the past three years. The rectal exams were unremarkable, and I don’t have any serious symptoms, and no known family history… I’d like your opinion on what I should do.”

–B. H., via e-mail

WCD: If your rectal exams were unremarkable and you don’t have any serious symptoms, what are you doing in the urologist’s office at all? Stay away from there. There is nothing in your PSA readings that indicate any treatment or investigation at all.

In the first place, the PSA test is completely worthless. Not to mention dangerous, since it usually leads to more investigation and another barbaric procedure: a biopsy. It’ll keep going in this cycle until your poor prostate is in shreds and you finally say: “Well I’m sick of all this x-raying, ultra sounding, and biopsying. Let’s get it over with–take it out.” The urologist will agree because that means he and the surgeon will make a nice chunk of change.

If I haven’t succeeded in convincing you, check out the January 2003 and September 2002 issues of Dr. Douglass’ Real Health Breakthroughs. You need to know the whole story on prostate screening before you decide anything.