The “paradoxical” secret to weight loss, appetite reduction, and muscle building

The “paradoxical” secret to weight loss, appetite reduction, and muscle building

Tiny amounts of nicotine appear to increase muscle girth, decrease body weight, and reduce appetite. Hmmm, isn’t that the reason all those desperate middle-aged women, wanting to keep the nubile shape of their 20s, get into jogging, tread milling, “yogaing,” avoiding “fat” in their diets, and sinking into vegetarianism? Maybe a little “nic” is the trick. Is it really that simple? Could be.

Endovasc Inc., a small research and development company, just announced the results of its most recent project. In the three-week study, researchers divided 34 mice into two equal groups, one of which had tiny amounts of nicotine added to its drinking water, while the other had plain water. Both groups received the same chow and could eat and drink freely. The mice also exercised on a treadmill each day.

Of course, everyone “knows” that the mice “poisoned” with the nicotine should have died sooner, just as they would from other horrors like saturated fat and sunlight-right? But the results were “paradoxical,” as researchers like to say when their cherished beliefs get flushed down the toilet.

At the end of the study, the body weight between the two groups showed the nicotine mice weighed an average of 18.3 grams less than the control group-42.14 grams vs. 60.44 grams. The “nicotine-poisoned” group was mean and lean. The nicotine group also consumed an average of 10.24 grams less food per mouse during the three-week period. And on top of that, the “nicotine mice” had a mean average of 142 percent more muscular development over the control, nicotine-deprived, mice.

Get all the benefits of a “nicotine fix” today

Now, before you jump to any conclusions about Endovasc, let me just say that it’s a high-class company, not some basement operation pedaling “edible” silver or “vitamin O.” Endovasc is in the midst of conducting a second study on this particular therapy to determine if nicotine increases the amounts of leptin (an appetite hormone) in the blood.

Endovasc has formed a division called Nutraceutical Development Corporation (NDC) to market the products it creates based on all its research. They plan to use this study to develop NDC’s next new product-based on nicotine. Boy, do they have a rough road ahead of them

But you don’t necessarily have to wait for Endovasc to convince the world (or-even tougher-the FDA) that nicotine can be good for you. There’s a much easier way to get the benefits of nicotine: good, old-fashioned tobacco smoke.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not promoting cigarette smoking, but cigars (not inhaled)-maybe. Let me modify that: Three or four cigs a day would be OK. The problem is, most people can’t limit themselves to just a few. So to be on the safe side, you’d better stick with the cigars. RH


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