Letters: Chelation works

Chelation works

“Dear Dr. Douglass,

Hopefully this letter will get to you...I have been researching chelation therapy and needless to say there are varying opinions. I hope that you will be as honest with an answer to my question as you have been in your books and your newsletters.

As a 52-year-old dentist with an inverted HDL/LDL ratio, and a family history of severe heart disease, I am somewhat interested in chelation therapy as an alternative to Lipitor. My cardiologist thinks I am nuts. I would appreciate any assistance you could give. Thank You.”

–M.D., San Antonio TX

WCD: Thank you for your letter and your kind remarks; they are appreciated.

Chelation works. I used it for 20 years in practice. The latest research from Taiwan, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association no less, confirms the efficacy of EDTA chelation. The Taiwanese team did not discuss or investigate chelation from the standpoint of atherosclerosis. But certainly the safety issue has been laid to rest.

I don’t have much respect for what I call “statistical diseases.” The cholesterol myth is one of them. I wouldn’t worry about the HDL/LDL ratio. My advice is to quit checking your cholesterol and avoid anything recommended by the American Heart Association.