Letters—Biological defense for kids

Biological defense for kids

“In a recent issue of Dr. Douglass’ Real Health Breakthroughs, you discussed the use of amoxycillin in the treatment of anthrax. But you didn’t talk about dosages for children. This is of obvious importance to parents and certainly ‘one-size-fits-all’ does not apply to children I would appreciate a response so I can inform my children regarding their children’s dosage. Would appreciate your opinion on this matter.”

–T.F., St. Paul, MN

WCD: Surprisingly, children are more resistant to drug toxicity, pound for pound, than adults. In particular, amoxycillin is pretty safe and overdose is not likely to be a problem. Generally, a small child can tolerate 1/4 of the adult dose. But don’t rely on this: get a consultation if possible. But it is a general guideline you can use in an emergency–if you are backed to the wall in a bio attack situation.