Better safe than sorry: Save yourself from a biological attack with five simple steps

Better safe than sorry:
Save yourself from a biological attack with five simple steps

The argument has been made that the President seems to be concerned for the safety of only 20 percent of the population-the military, the bureaucrats, and his political associates. Take, for example, his December 2002 statement regarding smallpox vaccination. He said that it was his goal to make the vaccine available to the general U.S. public-but not until 2004, after all of those other (apparently more important) groups have been taken care of. Alan Murray stated it well in the Wall Street Journal: “While the Pentagon scrambles to prepare the military for war, no one is scrambling to prepare the American public, which could be on the front line.”

Interesting point: The public is “on the front line,” while the conscripts are thousands of miles away fighting a war over a concept, “terrorism,” and targeting one bad guy (out of dozens in the region) because he won’t lie down and kiss the feet of his sworn enemy, the U.S.A.

In case of a biological attack, the American people will not know what to do and the government isn’t offering us any help other than: “Be alert, and get on with your life.” Did you ever hear such insulting drivel in your life? Be alert for what? What do you mean, “Get on with your life”? Whose life would I get on with except my own?

Anyway, as I have said before regarding this alarming and depressing subject, you and your family are on your own with this one.

Anthrax: carrying on terrorist tradition

Let’s look briefly at anthrax, now out of the news but worth thinking about since all the world’s would-be poisoners, on both sides of the issue, LOVE anthrax. It’s traditional with them. It’s like the Brits and their port wine, the Germans and their beer. Anthrax is in their blood, so to speak. There is a simple way to protect yourself and your family from this bacterium, but it’s too simple and too cheap for the government bureaucrats, such as Tommy Thompson, who has no scientific education at all, to consider. Tommy, in case you have forgotten, is our official “expert” on biological warfare.

When the anthrax panic was at its highest, mastermind Tommy told us that Cipro was the drug of choice for anthrax prevention. Let’s take a closer look at the logic in that pronouncement: Cipro is very expensive (last time I checked, $6 per tablet as apposed to 43 cents for amoxicillin). It can make a lot of people a lot of money, so of course it’s the “weapon of choice” according to the money-grubbing government.

But regardless of its profit potential, Cipro is a dangerous drug that can have serious consequences in sensitive patients. Amoxicillin, on the other hand, is a form of penicillin that is effective against gram-positive organisms like anthrax. And it’s safe unless you have a penicillin allergy and is probably more effective than Cipro for anthrax infection.

To protect your family, ask your doctor to give you a prescription for 100 tablets of amoxicillin. I recommend taking four per day for two days and then three a day for 10 days. Come to think of it, that alone will expend a third of your supply of 100 tablets. You’d better get a prescription for 500, depending on the size of your family.

Someone is bound to ask the question: If I am allergic to penicillin, then what do I do? If the situation is critical and people are dying in the streets-and that is not as preposterous an idea as you may think-then you must take the amoxicillin anyway. After all, the Grim Reaper is peeking in your window. Just take 50 mg of Benedryl (diphenhydrazine) and 10 milligrams of hydrocortisone with each dose of the amoxicillin to counteract the allergic reaction.

After 10 days of the treatment recommended above, continue taking the hydrocortisone twice a day. It will give you added resistance to other biological agents, like smallpox, that may be presented in your area. Note, I said this preventive therapy will give you added resistance to smallpox; it will not, however, give you immunity.

After the emergency has passed and the bodies have been carried away, you can discontinue all medication. But you should keep all these agents handy. There will probably be only one such biological attack from any one type of germ.

A pox upon us

Now back to the most serious biological threat since the Black Plague or the influenza epidemic of 1919-smallpox.

First, let me quote from the excellent article in the Wall Street Journal, cited at the beginning of this article. Fleeing the scene of a biological attack would be a recipe for disaster, as “fleeing means leaving the place where treatment will be available first. It also increases the likelihood that a communicable disease will spread widely and rapidly around the country. Moreover, a mass of panicked citizens in flight on the highway may well find themselves face to face with the National Guard, sent out to enforce quarantine on the place of attack. The result could be something akin to civil war.”

The problem is many-fold. First, there is no way to diagnose smallpox until you have it-you won’t know for sure until the pustules break out. By then you would have infected all those around you and, without treatment, you are doomed to death or, at the very least, lifetime disability and/or a life of severe disfigurement of your face and body.

In order to save as many people as possible, we need a quick detection system for the presence of smallpox in a particular area. The good news is that these detectors do exist. The sensor detects an increase of nitrous oxide in the breath, which happens when the body mobilizes the immune system to fight invading viruses. The bad news is that the government is making no effort to obtain these devices, even though they’re ready and sitting on the shelf at the California Institute of Technology.

And the icing on the cake? There is an effective smallpox treatment using the new antiviral drugs that have been developed only in the last few years. They could be a godsend if the government could be induced to act and bring them to market. These antivirals have been proven effective against all strains of pox-camel pox, buffalo pox, mouse pox-you get the picture. But the government isn’t making any effort to make these drugs available for human use.

And who do you think is going to pay the highest price for the government’s laziness? Dr. Lowell Wood of the Hoover Institute says that under the do-nothing policy of the government, it’s the unprotected children who contract the disease that will all die.

Basically, we have no program for national defense against a bioattack. Ten years ago, the government started a crash program to gather enough vaccine to inoculate our troops. It was a crash program, sure enough, as it has crashed and the troops are still unvaccinated.

See why the government doesn’t want you to know the truth? Their main concerns are panic and anarchy-nothing else. If they can prevent those two disasters, they think they can save themselves, and that’s all that matters to them. Your best bet is to be prepared and then stay put in a biological attack. If you don’t, you will end up fighting the pox and your government.

And the really bad news is that Russia developed “weaponized” smallpox 30 years ago. Weaponization indicates that the virus may have been “modified” so that conventional immunization will be ineffective. It also means that the methods of delivery have been improved for efficient dissemination.

Pox can now be aerosolized to a distance of 10 miles. So consider the devastating effect of simultaneous dissemination of super virulent smallpox in 12 American cities, infecting essentially everyone for five miles in any direction. Five miles in any direction from dead center, if you will pardon the expression, would wipe out most of the slums, the financial districts, and most of the hospitals in just about any major city. If you live in one of these cities, take out a map and measure out five miles from the center and draw a ring-see what I mean?

A little math adds up to a big problem

Let’s look at some sobering examples of what would happen in our virgin population, with no immunity whatsoever, if the pox was released dead center in some of our cities.

Little Rock, Arkansas-area: 105 square miles, meaning that the entire city would be infected with a possible death toll of near 100 percent

Orlando, Florida-same size, same result

Seattle, Washington-84 square miles, a wipeout

Los Angeles, California-465 square miles, total devastation from Santa Monica to Arcadia and from Burbank to Torrence

And these only represent the original cases. Each of those, by the time the infection is recognized as such, will have infected anywhere from five to dozens of others. A line of infection around the country-Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, New Orleans, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Washington, etc.-would be the end of the “War on Terror.” And the end of the U.S.A. as we know it.

How will this impact the rest of the world? Panic would be my guess. No one with an American passport will be allowed in any other country until it becomes obvious that they were already infected by travelers from the U.S. before the epidemic was recognized. It will become an international event, impossible to stop.

Beat smallpox-take matters into your own hands

A little more on weaponization of the pox virus. Natural smallpox, the kind that killed tens of millions in past centuries, is made up of comparatively large virus molecules that can’t go deep into the lungs. Instead, they settle above your trachea. The weaponized version is in micro form and thus can penetrate deep into the lungs. So, instead of symptoms not appearing until 10 days after infection, as is the case with “normal” smallpox, the weaponized form will cause rapid onset and 100 percent mortality, unless you have some form of home remedy.

You can’t beat the government, but you can beat the pox, even if you live in the city. The solution is there if you seize the opportunity. A better answer than anything the government has is phototherapy. Of course, you can’t buy the phototherapy instrument you need for treatment. Your betters in Washington, D.C., have made sure of that. However, it is not against the law to buy the individual parts and make your own-it is remarkably simple for anyone with a little carpenter in him. (For more information, see the new edition of my book, Into the Light.)

If you decide to build your own phototherapy unit, please don’t use it for anything except defense against biological attack-as a means of saving your family. If there is a generalized attack, and that is the most logical scenario, medical services will be immediately overwhelmed. All drills have proven that the medical system goes into paralysis within 24 hours. Most people will die without “treatment,” which would probably be inadequate in the first place. So it’s a good idea to have an emergency backup method of your own. But consider it a very last resort-this isn’t the sort of thing you should undertake on your own unless the circumstances are absolutely dire.

How much risk is enough?

Of course, it’s important to realize that none of the above may happen. There are some who say the whole smallpox thing is contrived, government propaganda to panic the people into forced immunization. Those people have a point: We don’t have any hard evidence that the Russians, or the Cubans, or any Muslim country will attempt mass destruction in this manner.

One adamant critic asks: “Is there a U.S. intelligence finding that smallpox may soon be launched against the American people? Has the President stated that he has such evidence? Has the CDC offered any proof that a smallpox attack is likely? Has a paper been written by some analyst? I find nothing in this regard. In fact, isn’t it quite probable that if some enemy of the U.S., planning to attack with smallpox, reads 500 articles in the U.S. press about vaccine preparations here, he will shift his focus and try, say, brucellosis or botulism?”

Well, no. In theory, it’s possible that there could be a biological attack in the form of something other than smallpox, but when you consider the options, you can see why it’s the favorite: No, the agent will not be botulism, as the critic mentioned above suggests, (clostridium botulinum is a toxin producer, not a communicable disease) or brucellosis (an animal bacterium with low communicability to humans). Anthrax is not very communicable. The HIV virus requires exchange of body fluids-blood, semen, sweat, pus, urine, etc. The other retroviruses, Ebola, for example, also require fluid exchange.

The pox and super lethal influenza are the most effective because they spread rapidly from one person to another. So the superstars here are still smallpox and influenza–there just are no other credible candidates.

There is little doubt that the intelligence services of the U.S. are incredibly inept. They are also devoted to secrecy; i.e., keeping information that may cause political unrest away from the American public. Our government has a sordid history of starting wars at the expense of American life and fortune. So although there is “no hard evidence,” that an attack is planned, can we take the risk of not being prepared?

A final thought on preparedness: I am not advocating compulsory vaccination. If you can be forced to take a shot-any shot-you can be forced to do or take anything. That would close the door to individual freedom in this country, and we’re close enough to dictatorship as it is.

Actions to take:

Just to recap, here are the steps you need to take to keep yourself and your family safe:

(1) Talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for amoxicillin-enough for your whole family. If you’re exposed to anthrax, take four amoxicillin tablets per day for two days and then three a day for 10 days. If you’re allergic to penicillin, take 50 milligrams of Benadryl and 10 milligrams of hydrocortisone along with each dose of the amoxicillin to counteract the allergic reaction. Continue taking the hydrocortisone twice a day even after your 10-day treatment course is over. Discontinue all medication after the crisis has passed.

(2) Consider building your own phototherapy machine for use in case of a smallpox outbreak emergency. For more information on this topic, read Into the Light (available from Rhino Publishing at

(3) Weigh all the vaccination information carefully before making a decision one way or the other.

(4) If there is a biological attack, stay put. If you leave the house, you’re only putting yourself and others at risk.

(5) Be prepared. You can’t count on the government to save you.


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