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Smallpox- it won’t go away

I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry when I found out that “ER”-one of the most popular TV shows in the United States-devoted its season finale to the dramatization of a smallpox outbreak. Perhaps it would have been funnier if it hadn’t been so frighteningly blas. In the matter of just over 12 hours (roughly equivalent to one hour of viewing), the outbreak had been identified and “contained” within the confines of that fictitious Chicago ER. The implication was that only those people in the actual ER were in any sort of danger. I’m well aware that TV likes to make life look simple...but in this case they made it too simple and downplayed just how deadly and dangerous smallpox really is-and how big of a threat it is to U.S. citizens.

If a real family had traveled from Africa to Chicago harboring the disease, they would have infected countless people along the way, resulting in a worldwide epidemic killing millions of people within just a few weeks.

I don’t like to harp on a particular subject but this one is so serious that I must continue to report to you the ominous and continuing evidence that the threat of a smallpox outbreak as the result of a biological warfare attack is real and, if anything, understated by all popular media.

In June of 2000, eight children in Vladivostok, Russia, were hospitalized with fever, adenopathy (swollen lymph glands) and skin rash after they had broken discarded smallpox ampoules near the city’s waste dump. The real news here isn’t that it happened in Russia but that it happened at all. The World Health Organization, the CDC and other bureaucratic warrens declared over 30 years ago that smallpox was a dead dragon, conquered by modern science and glorious world government. I said over 20 years ago that this was nonsense-what hubris to think man could stamp out, to the point of complete eradication, an organism smaller than a human cell! It didn’t make any sense rationally or scientifically. It’s a big world out there with a lot of places to hide.

Do you remember the Aztecs? Cortez didn’t destroy them with spears and maces. The Conquistadores were hopelessly outnumbered. The natives were destroyed by smallpox. The Aztec soldiers were vulnerable, but the Spanish were naturally immunized through having caught the disease at home-50 percent died and the survivors had immunity for life. In a non-immunized population, with zero exposure to the disease-as is the present case with the U.S.-90 percent may die.

Do we have a problem? Yes, we have a serious problem, with an entertainment industry using such a serious threat to boost ratings and a government that seems to be indifferent to our vulnerability and plans to protect only the troops, the politicians and the bureaucrats. When Johnny comes marching home, he may return to an empty home-and wonder what he fought for.

Action to take:
Read the book, Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive by Russell Blaylock. It is available for US$9.95 by calling (877) 351-0593 or visiting


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Some people will use their juicer for anything even treating atherosclerosis

I don’t know where you will find pomegranate juice but some researchers think you should. Studies were done on atherosclerotic mice and healthy men to determine cholesterol changes in the blood. Now, first off, let me remind you that the cholesterol-causes-heart-disease paradigm is a weak one. But, for what it’s worth, here’s what the researchers found:

The mouse studies were the most impressive because they were done on sick mice, not healthy ones, as in the case of the humans. In mice, pomegranate juice reduced oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol by 90 percent. That may be relevant or it may not. But in addition, the juice shrank atherosclerotic lesions in the mice by 44 percent, compared with control mice-and that is impressive.


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Grab your gun-before your doctor does

In one of my first Daily Dose e-letters, I talked about the 60 Minutes report that ran in mid-May regarding the new 300,000-member gun-control coalition-made up entirely of doctors who think confiscating guns is part of the Hippocratic oath (more like the Hypocritic oath, if you ask me).

But this is no joke.

The state of California, not to be outdone by the coalition comprising the AMA and all the little AMAs, is attempting to pass a bill that will coerce the state’s pediatricians into becoming official interrogators for the state on gun ownership in the home. The doctors will be required to ask their little patients how many guns daddy has, if they are loaded and where does he keep them. Knowing the Bolshevist mentality of so many of the baby doctors, (sophomoric loonies who think “it takes a village”-not a family-to raise children properly), they will enthusiastically join in on this attack against family security in California.

Among the screening criteria listed in the report to identify “risk factors for violence among their patients” are:

  • family stresses that could lead to violence (e.g., unemployment, divorce or death);
  • disciplinary attitudes and practices of the parents or caregiver (particularly about corporal punishment and   physical/emotional abuse);
  • exposure to violence in the home (domestic violence or child abuse), school or community;
  • degree of exposure to media violence;
  • access to firearms (especially handguns) in their or a neighbor’s home, or the community.

That last little item is the real purpose of the bill, i.e., to put these snooping doctors in your home to report that you have a weapon with which to protect your family.

How about adding to this list of risk factors: being taught in a public school, having left-wing pinko parents, or having a parent who is a psychiatrist or pediatrician?

It’s useful to remember that Hitler’s first act on being elected by the German people was to confiscate their guns. Why do you suppose the bureaucrats and pediatricians of California (and Washington, DC) want to take away YOUR guns?

You don’t have to be an astrophysicist to figure that one out.

I’ll keep you posted on this in future issues of Real Health and via my new e-letter, the Daily Dose. To sign up for the Daily Dose, send an e-mail to


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The power of suggestion: Do NSAIDs really prevent Alzheimer’s?

I have always been suspicious of reports like this-claiming wondrous results for drugs based on interviews over a long period. The Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging done several years ago at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, “suggests” an association between anti-inflammatory agents and reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

This study went on for 15 years. How many of the original investigators were left after 15 years? Not many, I suspect. There are simply too many variables here: How, for instance, do they know how many NSAIDs the patients actually took? Patients are notoriously unreliable on recall of their medication, especially something they buy over the counter.

JUNK SCIENCE, I call it.

Action to take:

I do not recommend that you take NSAIDs, like motrin or ibuprofin, on a routine basis in the expectation of preventing Alzheimer’s. I reported on folic acid’s potential to protect against Alzheimer’s disease in the May issue of Real Health. Why doesn’t the advertiser-controlled press give that a little promotion?


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