Letters: Forget the cholesterol!

Forget the cholesterol!

“I went to the doctor for a regular check up and went over the test results all very good except for the cholesterol. The ‘bad’ [LDL] is 188 and ‘good’ [HDL] is 82. The good is still good but the bad is very bad. Since I am slim and eat well, the doctor thinks it’s probably because of heredity and that I should probably get more exercise and be especially careful of what I eat. (I didn’t tell her how good raw milk tasted.) I DO hope this new way of eating works well because that high LDL does cause concern and my years of conventional programming nag a little as I begin to eat things that are considered no-nos. But obviously eating an almost vegetarian diet hasn’t helped me!”
-R.R., La Joya, CA

A. I’ll take this letter one sentence at a time-there’s a lot to be learned.

First, the cholesterol report: There’s nothing wrong with your cholesterol levels. A total cholesterol level of even 300 is perfectly fine, and forget about the “ratio.” Doctors should stop taking cholesterol readings and concentrate on important things such as DHEA, ferritin (for iron levels), testosterone (both men and women), IGF for HGH level (very important for preventing premature aging), and homocysteine levels. Most doctors check none of these.

Next: If you are slender, why do you need more exercise?

You’re right that raw milk would undoubtedly be a “No-No” to your doctor. That’s because most doctors know little about nutrition-most of what they have learned from the American Heart Association is wrong. Large quantities of raw milk will sometimes lower the blood cholesterol. It will not increase it unless it is too low and needs increasing.

“Conventional programming” is precisely what the American people have had from Jane Brody of The New York Times, Dean Ornish, and other muesli munchers. A pure vegetarian diet is a shortcut to the grave. It’s not the vegetables and fruits that kill them but starch and sugar-and the lack of animal fat and animal protein in the diet.