Letters: Brainwashing on the rise

Brainwashing on the rise

“Brainwashing has been mentioned in regard to the 9/11 disaster and other bizarre phenomena, such as the Jonestown mass suicide and the Patty Hurst abduction. I first heard about it in relation to our prisoners in the Korean War. What are your thoughts on this? Is it real? Is it increasing?”
-W.A.G., Evanston, IL

It is real, and it is increasing-in fact, it is increasing every day and night of your life if you watch television. Brainwashing did not start with the Korean War. The Russians, even before the Communist revolution, were developing brainwashing techniques through the work of Ivan Pavlov. The Communist party and the KGB took up the brainwashing experiments soon after taking power. So brainwashing, at least to some degree, has been around for 80 years.

We have many domestic examples of brainwashing in this country aided by that great one-eyed monster plugged into your living room wall. Lee Harvey Oswald and Timothy McVeigh are classic examples. Neither of them could have been acting alone; yet neither of them revealed their accomplices. Some feel that these were brainwashing jobs from within our government executed to affect the American psyche and thus change the direction of the government.

A more recent, and chilling, example is the case of American Airlines flight number 587 which exploded on takeoff from JFK airport in New York on November 11, 2001. The instant mind freezing of the American people was simply astounding.

The government propaganda mouthpiece, the mainstream media, announced within hours, that there was no evidence of sabotage. Many credible witnesses saw the plane explode; in fact, there was more than one explosion and possibly as many as three of them. But the government quickly announced that the pilot lost control because he was too close to the jet in front of him. The ensuing turbulence caused him to over-react; this presumably then caused stress on the tail section, which fell off. This explanation was aerodynamically impossible and had never before happened in the history of jet aviation.

The American people eagerly swallowed this explanation and forgot about this spectacular act of terrorism in less than six weeks -instant brainwashing. It was as if it had never even happened.

Before you begin thinking that I am a blithering idiot, please read one brilliant report by my colleague and friend, Thomas A. Dorman, M.D. Dr. Dorman has an analytical mind and you will find the January, 2002 issue of his Fact, Fiction, and Fraud newsletter, the report titled “Brainwashing,” enlightening indeed. The single issue is $5.95. You can purchase a copy by writing to 2502 S. 320th St., Suite 100, Federal Way, WA 98003 or by calling (253)529-3050.

There are 40 references at the end of the report. If you read just a few of them, it will change your thinking forever-unless you have been brainwashed

Skousen, Joel. World Affairs Brief, 11/16/01.