Letters: Smallpox threat: No small potatoes

Smallpox threat: No small potatoes

“I am reading more and more about the possibility of smallpox being used as a biological agent against us. Is that possible? What should we do to protect ourselves? Can the government actually force us to take this shot against our will?”
-J.S., Montana

Yes, it is definitely possible that smallpox will be used as a biological agent. Why else would various rogue states be manufacturing it as though they were turning out eggnog for Christmas? Why have they inoculated their citizens against smallpox if they do not intend to use it in bio warfare?

Yes, the government can-and will, I believe-force you to have a smallpox vaccination. You will have a choice between submission or detention in an internment center, which will be called a “quarantine” center. Your representatives in Washington have given George the Second unlimited dictatorial power to fight the “war on terrorism.” You are losing your liberty in the name of fighting for liberty.

I have difficulty with this issue because (1) we don’t know if the smallpox vaccination they are (supposedly) preparing for us will work, (2) there is a treatment available that will work but you will not have access to it (photo therapy) so, reluctantly (3) you should submit to the smallpox vaccine since it is the only hope you have. With a scientific illiterate such as Tommy Thompson in charge of Health & Human Services, you might want to consider a trip to Russia for inoculation.