Letters: When is high cholesterol too high?

When is high cholesterol too high?

“At what point should one worry about cholesterol levels? I’ve been a subscriber to your newsletter for years, have read the Steaklover’s Diet, and have read most of the material on the Weston Price and Price Pottenger websites. Intellectually, I agree with you regarding the cholesterol issue, but the training/ indoctrination I received in medical school and residency is hard to shake, and still has an emotional grip on me! I’m uneasy both about my own cholesterol (which runs 219-239, except for one time when I took red yeast rice and it went down to 159 after 4 weeks), and about advising other people with high cholesterol. What if I’m wrong, and telling people not to worry about it will get them killed?

“At what levels should I be concerned? If somebody has a high cholesterol level, are there other tests I should recommend?”
-E.G.K., state omitted

I consider 200 to 300 to be within the normal range for cholesterol. If it is above that level, something is broken. But cholesterol has not caused the breakdown. Raised cholesterol levels are simply a sign-just as an elevated temperature is a sign, a protective measure against whatever is broken. You and I know that the actual reason for a “rise” in cholesterol is never found, not by the conventional doctors, not by you or me. It’s best to leave it alone when you don’t know what you are doing. How many doctors test for hyperferremia, hyperhomocystenemia, hypomagnesemia, hypotestosteronemia, or any other cause for the cholesterol rise?

I think the entire cholesterol paradigm is off base, so I don’t test for cholesterol. Most patients have had their levels tested dozens of times, and all the testing has done is lead them down the hall to a cholesterol cowboy who will endanger them with his favorite anti-cholesterol magic bullet.

Actions to take:

(1) Read The Cholesterol Myths, by Uffe Ravnskov, M.D., Ph.D., The Cholesterol Conspiracy, by Russell Smith and Edward Pinckney, and The Milk Book by yours truly, and you will know more about cholesterol than you may have ever wanted to!

(2) Keep in mind that elevated cholesterol is not a disease. Rather, it is most likely acting as a protective agent. However, if you are still concerned about your level, a high cholesterol diet will often lower an elevated cholesterol level.