Letters: Testosterone and baldness: A hairy situation?

Testosterone and baldness: A hairy situation?

“You have talked about testosterone often and I have one question that interests me, as I am getting bald. Is there any possibility that testosterone may increase the rate of baldness? Since ‘male pattern baldness’ is obviously a male condition, and testosterone has been associated with cancer of the prostate, could testosterone increase my rate of baldness?”
-G.B.D., Minnetsota

First, let’s get the prostate cancer/testosterone myth out of the way. There is no evidence that testosterone causes prostate cancer. Prostate cancer occurs in men with waning testosterone levels. It is my opinion (though it has not been proven) that high testosterone levels will prevent prostate cancer.

Now, on to the question at hand: Testosterone therapy doesn’t kill hair. Rather, it makes hair grow. (Ask any woman who has taken testosterone!) There is a myth that bald men have a higher sex drive than other men. I know of no studies that confirm this. But it is true that men (and women) with high levels of testosterone have a stronger sex drive.

The bottom line is that testosterone is not going to kill your prostate or your hair.