Are you DDT deficient? (ITYS)

Are you DDT deficient? (ITYS)

Yes, ITYS-”I Told You So.” In scientific significance, DDT ranks right up there with penicillin, the electric light, and the internal-combustion engine. DDT literally turned the world around from an insect plague that mowed down tens of millions from malaria, yellow fever, dengue, the West Nile virus, and other encephalidities-all borne by the infernal mosquito. Mosquitoes love swamps, now known as “wetlands.” If you preserve the swamps, you preserve the mosquito; it’s as simple as that. If you preserve the mosquito, you preserve malaria, yellow fever-and all of the above.

“In the battle with the West Nile virus, the Centers for Disease Control has called in the U.S. Army for help. Panic is spreading through the Northeastern United States-especially around New York City, where seven deaths have been attributed to the mosquito-borne plague” (9/18/2000, Could you imagine reading a headline like that 10 years ago?

The West Nile virus, originally discovered in Uganda, Africa, is a fearsome enemy. It infects the brain, causing encephalitis, which often kills.

Last year, cities on the East Coast used pesticides to help guard against the West Nile virus. But the Big Gun-DDT-is no longer available. Because of stupid political actions, forced by the green vanguard, which is loaded with fanaticism and devoid of scientific facts, and the sinister population-control intellectuals, who are guilty of mass murder through preventable plague attacks on the Third World, DDT has been banned.

Using the wrong insecticide and not having a cure for the virus (there is a cure-photoluminescence-but you cannot obtain it) moved the CDC to take the unusual step of calling in the U.S. Army for help.

Intelligent and decisive action now can avert a disaster this year. However, this country is so paralyzed by the green fanatics and their bureaucratic cohorts in the Environmental Protection Agency that it is doubtful a positive program can be instituted. This year, experts on the disease expect it to be even more widespread, but the plans for combating the West Nile virus are practically futile. Public health officials have reported that they will be using less pesticide and, of course, no DDT. It doesn’t make much sense when you consider the stance of some experts from the American Council of Science and Health and the New England Journal of Medicine who aptly refute the media hype against DDT as “paparazzi science” that doesn’t “distinguish between scientific evidence and hypothesis.”

An effective program would require much more than what you’ll hear on the evening news, like the elimination of stagnant pools in towns and cities, including automobile tires and other receptacles that are favorite breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The only ways to permanently eliminate the risk are to drain all of the wetlands within a few miles of population centers (mosquitoes do not migrate far from home) and to use copious amounts of DDT.

Can you imagine the ruckus the enviro-Nazis would raise if even a square foot of wetland, formerly known as swampland, were drained? And if the land were sprayed with DDT? Nerve gas, even botulism, would be better in the fevered imagination of these foolish people. “Think of the ground we would lose,” they reason, “in that Great Struggle against the evil chemical manufacturers.” Rachel Carson would spin in her grave. (She claimed she was put there prematurely because of pesticides. It was more likely because of her vegan diet.) Ralph Nader would come down with ideological encephalitis and demand that the entire board of directors of the American Chemical Society be hanged.

Well, let me tell you the scientific facts about DDT.

(1) DDT is one of the greatest chemical accomplishments in the history of mankind.

(2) DDT does not, and never did, threaten the bald eagle. “Thinning of the eagle’s shell” as a result of DDT exposure was a pure fabrication-junk science of the most outrageous sort.

(3) In 1970, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) said: “To only a few chemicals does man owe as great a debt as to DDT. In a little more than two decades, DDT has prevented 500 million human deaths, due to malaria, that otherwise would have been inevitable.” (Mr. Nader might want to hang the board of the NAS as well.)

(4) Extensive hearings were held on DDT before Environmental Protection Agency administrative law judge Edmund Sweeney, who concluded in 1972 that “DDT is not a carcinogenic hazard to man. DDT is not a mutagenic or teratogenic hazard to man. The use of DDT under the regulations involved here does not have a deleterious effect on freshwater fish, estuarine organisms, wild birds, or other wildlife.”

However, the EPA hearing examiner was overruled by EPA administrator William Ruckelshaus-a lawyer and politician, not a scientist. According to aides, he did not attend a single hour of the seven months of hearings, or read any of the transcripts. That’s not malfeasance; it’s massive manslaughter and second-degree murder of millions. (Ruckelshaus wouldn’t know a pesticide from a herbicide from a homicide.)

And, speaking of homicide, world-population mavens delib-erately let millions of children die in Africa by withholding DDT. One African country, with which I am very familiar, resorted to smuggling DDT in a desperate effort to save its children.

(5) DDT does not cause cancer and, in fact, may prevent certain cancers. Dr. William Hazeltine, one of the great medical scientists of this century, found that DDT protects rats from leukemia and breast cancer. It is also effective in the treatment of juvenile jaundice. Hazeltine found that children in agricultural areas have less infant jaundice than city children, and this correlates with higher levels of serum DDT!

Perhaps the most incredible finding in the Hazeltine studies was something you will probably not believe. (If I didn’t have so much respect for Dr. Hazeltine, I probably wouldn’t believe it either.) He found that beagles given 10 parts per million of DDT in their diet were noticeably healthier than control animals not given the DDT. The lab technicians began to refer to the control animals as “DDT deficient,” since they were obviously healthier on “vitamin DDT.”

(6) Before it became politically incorrect, The Centers for Disease Control told the truth about DDT. The elimination of malaria in the United States, according to the CDC, was accomplished by the drainage of vast wetland areas and extensive spraying with DDT.

But in only the last two years, 625 million people have contracted the disease worldwide and more than 4 million of them have died. That’s the equivalent of the entire city of Atlanta being wiped out by a virus. Of those, most were pregnant women or children under the age of 5.

(7) The latest scientific study on DDT, published in 1985, found no correlation between DDT and cancer. A 1972 study actually found it reduced tumors in animals. “Has anyone,” asked WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah, “considered that the spread of the West Nile virus could be a result of 20 years of misguided wetland preservation and the banning of DDT?”

As I was finishing this report, I came across a Reuters release telling of an organization that is promoting the use of DDT. Donald Roberts, speaking for a coalition that is promoting the chemical as a means of controlling malaria in developing countries, said it is safe if sprayed in small amounts inside homes to repel mosquitoes that carry the parasite that causes malaria. Roberts is understating the safety of DDT. It is safe in large amounts, but he dare not say it for fear of being laughed out of town.

Although Roberts and his group (the Save Children From Malaria Campaign) are probably 20 years too late, there is a glimmer of hope in that some of the big guns in the greenie movement, realizing what a horrendous disaster they have wrought, are back pedaling to cover their grass-green derrieres.

Environmental fanatics have been very effective in their campaign to ban DDT outright. Now they are moving sideways. Since they are indirectly responsible for the death of 2.5 million people annually, mostly children, that is probably a good thing. They claim they are not trying to ban DDT “immediately.”

“There is broad agreement that DDT should not be banned globally until we are absolutely convinced that the countries that are using it have affordable, effective alternatives,” said Richard Liroff, director of the World Wildlife Fund’s Alternatives to DDT project.

These environmental stiff necks are in an embarrassing position. Allowing 2 1/2 million deaths a year for the sake of saving humanity from DDT does seem an odd approach.

Action to take:

(1) Avoid swamps-excuse me, wetlands-between April and November.

(2) See that your neighborhood is free of stagnant pools of water, such as wading pools and poor drainage areas that collect water. Ask the public-health people to inspect the area. And get rid of all those automobile tires, kitchen pots, commodes, and old washing machines that have been cluttering your yard.


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