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03/29/2020 - Lyme Disease treatment BETTER than antibiotics?!

Another Olympics, another Russian doping scandal. It seems like every four years they get caught red-handed using illegal performance drugs. I remember hearing about another weird (and legal) trick the Russians were using in the 1990s… Yes, an entirely natural treatment that enhanced their speed, strength, and brain power. So, when the Soviet bloc fell […] Read

03/29/2020 - End UTIs once and for all in 5 easy steps!

Little-Known Nutrient Found in Butcher’s Scraps Shown to Help Fight Memory LossOne little-known nutrient thrown away by butcher’s all over the nation, has shown to help improve memory… …and fight senior memory loss. The News called it “an energy shot for your brain…” And if you’re thinking about your memory… you need to see this shocking video. Read

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