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09/26/2020 - Mailbag! BEAT sinus headaches TODAY!

Did you know there’s a small organ that controls how you feel? Obviously, it’s not your brain. Surprised? I was too… Yet, a new report out of the prestigious California Institute of Technology shows… The blue feelings that are getting you down… that occasionally make you feel sad and unhappy… Do not come from your […] Read

09/25/2020 - [REVEALED] The REAL dementia death toll

The 1 yard plant known to make you feel 30 years younger! Please take a very close look at this plant… do you recognize it? [Click here to zoom in] You should because this plant holds an AMAZING anti-aging secret for seniors like you! Make no mistake there IS a reason you’re seeing this right now… Because when […] Read

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In 1944, an experiment was done in this Nazi medical center…

Take a look at the circled window in this photo….

A medical experiment commissioned by Adolf Hitler was done here in 1944. Our own US Government has ignored the important scientific results of this experiment.

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