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05/22/2022 - Arthritis RELIEF found in this steamy drink

From intense pains and swollen joints… To the USELESS Big Pharma drugs that do more harm than good… We all know just how living with arthritis can bring life to a grinding halt. But you don’t have to suffer any longer. Researchers have just discovered a truly surprising remedy for your rheumatoid arthritis (RA). And […] Read

05/21/2022 - Mailbag! Healthy habits to treat glaucoma

The most common treatment for glaucoma is eye drops. While eye drops do work to lower eye pressure, preventing damage to your optic nerve… They WON’T cure glaucoma AND you’re going to be stuck using them at least four times a day. Not to mention, they can also cause dryness, decreased vision, and discomfort. If […] Read

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MUST SEE: This Common Pill May Go Down As The Deadliest Ever.

Controversial report shows deadly prescription drugs used by over 9 million people.

One study says they’re so deadly that they’re already linked to OVER 106,000 deaths… and some are probably in your medicine cabinet right now.

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